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Himanshu Panwar

Explorer - Writer - Technophile 

New Release

Leo and the Year 19

Leo and the Year '19 is a touching tale that follows the diaries of a roadside adopted dog in a sophisticated high-rise apartment building. As narrated by Leo himself, he experiences good and low points in his life as a result of not being loved by other members of society owing to his unknown pedigree. As Leo and his family encounter life’s inevitable obstacles, his adorable smart canine soul provides joy, emotions, and feelings to their journey. Everything was swimmingly in Leo's life until the end of 2019, which turned the globe upside down. The story is filled with humour, tragedy, and insights that will force readers to turn the pages until they reach the last page.

* India only

Leo and the Year 19  Book


Demigods: The Protectors of the Mountains

Last 2 chapters; Captivating!! 

- Himani

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Himanshu Panwar

About Himanshu Panwar

Himanshu Panwar is a rising author with a love of fiction. Born and bred in New Delhi, he discovered his passion for writing at a young age and has been generating compelling stories ever since. Himanshu has a Bachelor's degree in Commerce from Delhi University as well as a postgraduate degree in finance.  Himanshu enjoys lawn tennis, binge-watching, and  .....READ MORE

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